Good for Nothing

Anton is a software engineer and a Zen student in Seattle. This blog is a collection of notes about computer programming and other topics. Go Sounders!

Mindfulness bell in three easy steps

Breathing in and out three times is enough to release the tension in the body and smile, and then continue your work. If we’re in the middle of a conversation, hearing the bell of mindfulness can be a helpful reminder to practice mindful, compassionate speech. Source. At the Plum Village, they have a mindfulness bell ringing every 15 minutes as a reminder to re-center yourself and stay present. I wanted something like this for my work computer since it's so easy to get carried away at work. T...
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Easy does it

(Let's see if this blogging software works.) At Medium (and, quite honestly, at every other company I worked at) there were a lot of lint errors. We didn't want to ignore them completely, but we also didn't want to spend weeks trying to fix them all. So we wrote a little shell script to count the number of errors and complain if your PR increased that number. I don't have that script anymore, but it was probably something like this: #!/bin/bash EXP_ERRORS=123 num_errors=$(eslint 2> /dev/n...
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